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Netduino Console is an interface with built in messaging layers that allows you as a developer to dynamically create plugins following a provided interface to interact with a Netduino Controller.

You can send and receive messages/events and use controls to actively display data any way you like.

As a developer communicating through Netduino Console to your controller, you no longer have to worry about how to send and receive data. The messaging layer is built in!

The user interface is packed with debugging tools to allow you to get up and running quickly to create visual representations of any kind of data you wish to send and receive from the controller.

What would take you months to build an active user control panel with buttons and sliders and graphs can now be accomplished in less than a week.

Netduino Console can be used as a standalone interface to load your project and controls automatically and connect to the Netduino Controller and start sending and receiving data while pushing it out to a graphical representation.

Netduino Console brings a more robust way of interacting with your controller.

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